Darts was at one time a sporting activity that was played mostly in working men’s clubs and pubs all over but then it used to receive little attention in terms of TV coverage. But then in later times, this game got personalities that got involved in it and it turned to be now among the popular sporting activities.

Darts sporting activity is these days more accessible to many in the world. In the era we are at, a night at the darts can be one of the greatest experiences for darts funs as other people turn to tune in when tournaments are live broadcasted. Darts is one of the best sports activities that have many options and herein we will know how darts betting is done.


Ahead of each tournament, outright betting markets are usually published by bookmarkers and for in case it’s a big event like for instance the PDC Worlds, the betting markets are opened early several months in advance. On the day of that big event, you will see different punters in hurries to stake on the outcome of individual matches and these are usually the two most famous darts betting markets we have.

At this time, many side markets will also be opened and for any sporting activity involving scoring of points, many of these will be just be revolving around some numbers. Darts players can consider staking on an exact score or even the winning margin to the match that is played.


The maximum of three darts score is 180s. Darts markets in relation to 180s are always given out on offer and darts players can place bets on amounting totals that come in every match and amounting totals of every player.

We have also other famous side bets in this sporting activity. The side bets include is like for instance betting on if there is a chance to occur a nine-dart finish in the particular match that is being played. For this, it’s the fewest darts number that is required to register a win in a leg and also the bettors can place a bet on if they think a maximum finish of 170 can be attained.

There is also handicap betting option with darts betting but then players are ever advised to select carefully their bookmaker as you will find other options better than the others.


Similar to any other sports betting game, the task for darts betting in terms of outright betting for this game, all that is involved when you need to place a bet is to pick between showed two players and then as a better you decide which of the options you have selected will register a win at the end of the match. In many of the events, both on the circuits, PDC and BDO, all that is done is selecting a winner and no cases of a draw will come out from the match. This is all you need to know about online darts betting.